Which wheel size is right for me?


We’ve devised the following guidelines so you can choose the right wheel size for your needs:

5.0″ – 8.5″ Wheels – Ideal for indoor strolls, walking on pavement or smooth urban terrain. These smaller lightweight wheels are perfect for city dwellers who need a compact stroller for every day use. Strollers for this wheel size: Vue Lite, City Mini, City Mini GT, City Mini ZIP, City Lite, or City Tour.

12″ Wheel – Perfect for walking on grass, trails, sidewalks or in stores. Wonderful for city life where smaller wheels offer a more compact, maneuverable stroller. You will fall in love with the 12″ stroller wheels if you have previously owned a conventional stroller. Strollers for this wheel size: City Elite, City Select or Summit models.

16″ Wheel – Great for walking or jogging and is still very easy to store and transport. It’s large enough to handle snow and sand yet still small enough to fit into tight spaces. Strollers for this wheel size: Summit X3.

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