What are the differences between an EVA, Forever-Air and Pneumatic tire?


An EVA tyre is a lightweight molded plastic wheel that is compressible – ideal for pavement or smooth urban terrain. EVA is found on many durable goods, such as shoes. This wheel is available on the Vue Lite, City Mini, City Mini ZIP, City Lite, and City Tour strollers, which helps to make these strollers lightweight, agile and compact when folded.

A PU foam-filled tyre is a “rubber like” tire, that is more durable than EVA yet still lightweight. It’s ideal for multiple terrains. The City Select (front wheels only) and City Premier feature this type of tire.

A Forever-Air tyre is a rubber tire inflated with a lightweight foam instead of air. This ensures the tire will not go flat with frequent use or rough terrain. This is our most all-terrain tire. The City Mini GT, City Elite, and City Select (rear wheel only) all feature Forever-Air tires.

A Pneumatic tyre is an inflatable rubber tire that provides a comfortable, smooth ride on many different terrains. The Summit X3 has pneumatic tires, which adds to its all-terrain capabilities.

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